Well, we did our damndest to lose again tonight, but for some reason the Giants just wouldn’t let us. Once again, the Pirates managed to face a pitcher who had absolutely nothing, and did almost nothing. Every player on this team should be having the kind of series Sean Casey is having. We managed to strike out 8 times against a starter who previously had 35 K’s in 71 innings, and more than 4 K’s once in his previous 11 starts. Oy vey.

1st star: Victor Santos. Look at that, top billing goes to the rotation again. Victor’s outing was excellent tonight (I use excellent instead of merely good since this is Victor Santos we’re talking about). He made several batters look stupid all night, and held on for win #4. Final line – 7IP 4H 2R 2ER 1BB 3K.

2nd star: Once again, Sean Casey. Sean went 4-4 to bring his two game total to 8-9. and he has scored? two runs. Again I say, you sure you don’t want this guy, Felipe? Sell! Sell! Sell! Final line – 4-4 1R 1RBI

3rd star: Matt Morris. He had absolutely no business putting up the line he did, plain and simple, but I commend him for it. Final line – 8IP 8H 3R 3ER 0BB 8K

Tomorrow we face Noah Lowry, the "other" phenom in the Giant’s system. He is now one month removed from the DL. He has not been consistently better than O.K., posting a 4.24 ERA, 15 K’s and 13 BB’s in 36 2/3 innings since returning. I hope for a win since he’s facing Snell, though it will very likely be another 3-2 game.

Sanchez hit behind Bay tonight. Maybe Tracy read my blog?

And I can’t wait to read Cory’s blog about how Mike "Here Comes the Blown Save" Gonzalez was awesome, when he was actually one bad bounce from blowing it. Another junk outing that he turned into a save somehow.


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