Just Call Me the Weatherman

Since I seem to have mastered the art of being mostly right half the time. Unfortunately, the bonafide, original Piratekiller Carpenter showed up (though, for our sake, the Card-killer Perez showed up too).

Today? Another game that was probably a bit more high scoring than we’d like, but a win is a win is a win, right? Things still stayed true to form, and the real Sidney Ponson showed up. I knew that 1.66 WHIP since May 1st and 1.94 WHIP his last 3 starts was a cavern that was going to collapse on him eventually. Duke got the old Snell treatment – he struggled all day, but got enough offense to snag a win (which is only fair considering the number of wins he should have).

1st star: Jose Castillo. Another multi-hit night for Jose, who is now (quietly? unexpectedly? finally?) at 10 HR, 38 RBI, .297 AVG (and .833 OPS in case you’re wondering). That’s a very impressive 25-93-.297 season if he manages to keep it up. Yes, that is a big if, but not an unrealistic one. Perhaps Jose’s night at the plate earned him that gift DP? Final line – 2-4, 2B HR 2R 4RBI

2nd star: Craig Wilson/Freddy Sanchez. Both managed two hits and three runs scored, which means Freddy earns another day starting and Craig moves a step closer to (insert team who is going to fleece us). Final line – 2-3, 2B(CW) 3R

3rd star: Jack Wilson/Zach Duke. Duke wasn’t really great on the mound, and the defense wanst a terrible help (most of his help came from Cardinals runners). But he made up for it at the plate, snagging two hits and probably more RBI than he’ll ever have again in a season. Wilson finally snapped an 0fer with an RBI single in the 5th. Final line – Duke- 2-3, 3 RBI  Wilson- 1-5, RBI

Anyone care to explain to me why it is that Burnitz played and played and struck out and played some more and struck out…..but Tracy gave Wilson a day off to ‘find himself’ after going 0-9?!?! Double standard, methinks.

Tomorrow? Not sure what to expect. Mark Mulder is capable of pitching like Carpenter did Tuesday, but he’s only been better than average once since May 1st. Matter of fact, subtract out Mulder’s one dominant start May 17th against the Mets, and since May 1st he is: 2-4, 7.90 ERA, 1.84 WHIP, 21K & 17BB in 37 2/3 innings. He faced us in April and gave up two runs in 7 2/3 innings in spite of allowing 10 baserunners, partly because randa and jose K were starting, partly because we hit into 4 inning ending double-plays.

Mulder is curious. In 2004, Mulder’s numbers (runs, earned runs, home runs) were all the worst they had been since his rookie year, a noticeable drop from previous seasons. Then last year Mulder posted his lowest K/BB and K/9 ratios since his rookie year. It was the 4th time he pitched 200+ innings, and the first time he didn’t reach 130 K’s…perhaps he’s tailing? I know a guy who has averaged 17 wins and a 3.50 ERA over the last 5 seasons doesn’t suddenly drop off a cliff at 28…but perhaps that injury in 2003 was more than what everyone made of it?

Anyways, here’s hoping the Mulder who has been showing up lately comes to the ballpark this afternoon against the Santos who has been showing up lately (how ironic that lately Mulder and Santos have been pitching like each other).


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