Speaking of Contracts

Let’s talk about this for a moment.

Anyone who likes the idea of the Sean Casey extension should be subjected to Chinese water torture.

What are the facts about Casey?

  1. He’ll be 32 at the All-Star break. That’s old, even for a perennial All-Star, which he isn’t.
  2. He is, and has been, what he has shown us this year – a very excellent hitter when he is healthy. However, this is the 4th time in the 8 years since he became an everyday starter that he has missed at least one month due to injuries. He also has had several freak injuries (not necessarily in nature, but in occurence.
  3. He is making 8.5 million off his current contract.

I would have no problem giving Casey a multi-year extension if a) he was 28 or younger, b) he was a regular all-star, c) I could have any faith in his ability to stay healthy, d) we didnt have an obviously younger, better, and cheaper option.

If I’m GM of a team, it seems to only make sense that I would never, under any circumstances, give a contract longer than one year to a player who is over age 30 and has not been an all-star at least once.

Strike one.

If I’m GM of a team, there is no way I am going to give more than $5 million a year to a player who can’t guarantee me 140+ games a year. (In Casey’s situation, it isn’t that he can’t guarantee health, but that he can’t guarantee avoidance of injury.) Casey is the 5th highest paid 1st baseman in the NL, and 7th highest in the league. He could take a $2 million per year pay cut and he’d still be 5th and 7th highest, respectively. That’s ridiculous considering the production gap between himself and the 1B who are above him (and even immediately below him) on that list. Compared to other 1B around the league, he is grossly overpaid compared to his production (overall, not just this year).

Strike two.

If I’m a GM, I have Craig Wilson, who isn’t Derek Lee, but is at least above average defensively at 1B (and could only get better with regular reps), is an absolute monster against LHP, and in spite of his streakiness is a perfectly capable 25-90-280 type guy (the kind of guy you want to give a 3 year, $14 million deal to (thats a full mil a year raise for Craig). Even if the team has screwed Craig over to the point that keeping him might worsen his attitude, there are plenty of viable options available through free agency.

Strike three, DL is out?



  1. Pirate

    Hey Nicolas – thanks for the link to my site but I see you dont have it right. hehe


    you have buccoblog(S)..

    great shot of Clemens with Lincoln I posted today you might like..

    take care and keep up the great work!


  2. dtcc11@comcast.net

    i think that the bucs should look to trade for a 1st base prospect this deadline. Sean Casey should be out of the question and I think that Craig Wilson is kind of a waste of time. What about Brad Eldred is he supposed to be anything special? When the bucs make off season moves they should look for a first base prospect it make the most sense

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